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Though I don't have  a "type," I do have standards.  I prefer gentlemen with manners, those who enjoy making a woman feel as elegant and precious as she feels herself to be.  I make sure I'm beautiful for you, I enjoy that I have an appealing grace and charm, and the gentleman I'd like to see would see and appreciate those things in me.  That's done best by enjoying them thoroughly.


Gentlemen I like and gentlemen that like me are self-selecting affinities, effortlessly drawn together by the mutual appreciation of all that we offer.  The more I can connect with about you, the more sensual and rewarding our date will be.  So, please write me - thoroughly, thoughtfully, exoressively.  I want to make you feel genuinely satisfied, and that's only possible when you're genuine.  It will inspire the same in me.


I have an affinity for gentlemen over 40, who enjoy growing profesionally and personally, who are introspective as well as analytical, and who respect their bodies as well as their minds.


I spend the majority of my time quite possibly like you do: enjoying a fascinating and demanding career, constantly learning, and taking time out for myself to indulge in a guilty pleasure or two. Also like you, when my business travels take me away, I like to enjoy my time in the company of someone who appreciates quality over quantity, someone with a wealth of intrigue and passionate joie de vivre.


Like me, you likely hold a University degree (or two), are well traveled, multi-lingual, and enjoy a lucrative career that excites and fulfills you. I like to fill the spaces in between with a love affair, one I'd share with you. I hope our paths and desires can cross amidst our obligations and we can enjoy an interlude in our busy lives.

Gentlemen I like

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